Hurry Up… and Wait

Woke up this morning, rushed to get packed, rushed out the door, and we headed down to DIA. I got inside and quickly proceeded to check-in my bags and then ventured to the security line… and waited for everyone to go through security.

I flurried to the train, took it all the way to Gate C, rushed all the way to the end of the terminal… and waited for 15-20 minutes to board the plane, largely due to the inefficient boarding process of Southwest Airlines.

Got on the plane, landed in Sacramento, and briskly walked to the baggage claim… and waited for 20 minutes just to find out which carousel my luggage was coming on, let alone waiting for the baggage to actually come to the carousel.

Lunged to the front of the mob so as to be the first to grab my bags, picked up my bags, ran over to the AmeriCorps pack… and waited for other people arriving.

We got on the vans, drove to the campus, quickly unloaded and proceeded to begin in-processing… i.e. more lines and more time spent twiddling my thumbs.

But most importantly, I’m ready to serve the greater Pacific Region, and literally flew to get here… but first we will have in-processing, training, and so much more. But I am going to love it.

More to come later…