Website Refresh

In the midst of keeping busy with Star Verte LLC and preparing for going to Japan on a mission trip, I am going to be doing some work to improve my website. In case you run into some problems, I thought I would share what my goals are.

  • I am developing a personal blog theme for Star Verte LLC that I will be showcasing on this site. I hope to post some concept sketches soon. It will be the first theme to be built with Flint 2.0 and Steel 2.0 (more info coming soon).
  • I am going back through all the galleries and making sure that all of the images are available to view and available to download. I am doing this in reverse chronological order.
  • I am going back through all the videos and uploading them to Vimeo. Until they are all available on Vimeo, they may not be available to view or download on this site. I am doing this in reverse chronological order.

Also, I am also going to be adding new content:

  • Journal Entries
    i.e.. Directing No Exit (2010) and France Vacation (2006)
  • Poetry
    including Elizabeth Annemarie Beall (2005 or 2006)
  • Essays
    including research paper Natural or by Conscience: Homosexuality (2006)
  • Written Selections
    including excerpts from Ally to Foe (2003/2004) and True Tales (2007/2008)

If you have any questions, comments, or suggestions, please comment on this post or send me an email at matt -dot- beall -at- me -dot- com. Thanks.