The Unexpected

I did not expect to have the water shut off this afternoon from a broken pipe, or for us to not have water for who knows when…

When they said bring a bathrobe, there will be communal showers I did not think that meant having to walk across the street and take turns. (Water is shut off.)

I did not expect having to skip breakfast because I overslept this morning.

I did not expect the training to be sitting in a classroom all day; I thought we would be doing PT all day; I am still not sure if I’m glad or sad about this.

I expected to get our teams right away and start building relationships with them. As that is not the case, I am excited that I have been able to start forming friendships already.

I did not even think about security/safety on campus, and so when a lady from the sheriff’s department came to list off all the statistics for us last night it was a bit of a surprise.

I honestly did not think about how diverse it would be… an even bigger shock when you are from an isolated community like Fort Collins. And not just race… we have whites, blacks, Hispanics, men, women, LGBT, people from all over the country, someone from London, someone from Canada… about the only thing that is the same is that we all just got out of school, and for most of them that means right out of college.

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