Memories of Color

As a family, we spent Monday, Tuesday, and Wednesday at Disneyland Resort, including Disneyland and California Adventure. Tuesday night we watched the nighttime special World of Color. With the use of high-definition projections on water fountains and fire, it showcased the legacy of Walt Disney and Mickey.

As an homage to this spectacular performance and to archive our experience, we have shared some of our own memories of color below.

Note: More pictures coming soon.

The food was so good; there was something for everyone.

Kara on Ariel’s Grotto, where we ate dinner before World of Color

At first I thought it would be a little kiddish for me because I’m a little old for those things, but I really liked it.

Kara on Ariel’s Undersea Adventure

I liked it all, but I wish I went on California Screaming’.


At first, I was confused about the fake submarine: What movie is it from? Is it a ride or a real submarine? It turns out it was both. It is what I would call an underwater thrill.

Kara on Finding Nemo Submarine Voyage

Haunted Mansion is my new favorite ride; it was exciting and surprising. I love how some parts are scary and other parts are welcoming.


Hyperspace Mountain is a fast rollercoaster in the dark… at first I was scared, but in the end I wanted to go again. Because it is now Star Wars themed, there are explosions and hyperspeed turns.


Yo ho, yo ho, a pirate’s life for me—at least for the 45 minutes we spent on three rides on Pirates of the Caribbean. It is wonderful to see how little it has changed over the years and remarkable to think about the forward-thinking technology that Walt Disney and crew used so many years ago when creating this ride. Favorite scene: the burning town and bride sale, “We want the red head!”


Soarin’ Over California is a great way to see the variety of California geography from the vantage point of a stunt pilot without actually riding along with that lunatic. But it was real enough that I lifted my feet up to make sure they didn’t graze the top of the Giant Redwoods or get wet in the surf and someone sitting near me might have squealed a time or two.


I am not a thrill ride person, but the adorable Brer Rabbit scenes in Splash Mountain make that 800-foot plunge worth it. I appreciate the scenes that come after the plunge as a consolation for the near cardiac arrest that we just had.

Loni on Splash Mountain‘s 52.5-foot drop

World of Color was a phenomenal water and lights show. It was so cool to sing along to Let it Go and watch Walt Disney speak about how the park will always be an enjoyment.