We are not in Colorado anymore

From the moment our rental car hit the road, it was clear we were not in Colorado anymore. We waited for what seemed like half an hour to turn left out of the airport. Each time the light turned green to let half a car turn left, horns were blaring. After finally turning left, we needed to cross three lanes of traffic to turn right. Needless to say, we didn’t make our turn.

Mom, Elizabeth, Kara, and I are in Southern California to celebrate Jenny Capeloto’s high school graduation. We arrived here Thursday evening and have been staying with Uncle Joe and Aunt Merita. They have been so wonderfully hospitable to us, and we are so very grateful for their loving kindness.

Just like stepping into multicolor Oz, we too have stepped into a technicolor world full of colorful flowers, plants, buildings, and even people. And we have found our yellow-brick road: whatever our destination, we are told to follow the 405.

img16060313032On Friday, we followed, followed, followed, followed the 405 to Huntington Beach. We all walked the pier, observing the surfers catch the waves. After a picnic lunch, we jumped the waves and played in the sand.

After a day at the beach, we dragged our tired selves to Jenny’s choir concert. The high school choirs serenaded us in a Blast from the Past, singing everything from Frank Sinatra to the Beatles to U2. It truly was a delight to listen to the talented chorale and watch them have fun singing and dancing.

DSCN3054On Saturday, we followed the 405 to the Aquarium of the Pacific where we enjoyed seeing seahorses, clownfish, blue tang, and sea lions. Elizabeth and Kara were able to touch rays and small sharks. But after lunch, it became far too crowded and so we jumped on a shuttle to tour the RMS Queen Mary.

DSCN3060I found the ship architecture and history to be quite interesting. The self-guided tour has you walk the full length of the ship several times which proved to tire for my sisters. I walked ahead and was able to view the captain’s quarters, the isolation ward, the engine room and more.

That evening we followed the 405 to Lucille’s BBQ and had dinner with David and Patti Capeloto, their son Chris, and his girlfriend Heather. It was a great barbecue and even better fellowship.

On Sunday, we deviated from the 405 to check in at our hotel next to Disneyland. On our way there, we made a necessary stop at the In N Out in Anaheim. After dropping our suitcases in our room, Bryan and Angelica picked us up for Palos Verdes Peninsula High School’s Baccalaureate Service.

Through the blaring speakers, we attempted to listen to the various speakers, singers, and the finale video. Following the ceremony, we went out to dinner at El Paso Cantina.

After a night at the hotel, today we start our California Adventure at Disneyland…